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Cut loss assessment

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China's lighting industry lack of celebrity endorsements

① targeting missing

Campaign, the key is to have memories of the audience, looking for celebrity endorsements, is to star through the trust of consumers of these memory points accepted by the people in the industry or business in order to "follow suit" and look for stars, or just to "Fudge" Dealers Merchants and look for stars, do not know their real needs and what led by celebrities to endorse brands targeting missing.

Celebrity endorsements on the illumination of different companies have different values, there is to rapidly improve the brand and product awareness, and have to establish and improve brand image, but its goal is to use star's own popularity and visibility, as a brand and product a propaganda methods, the target location should be consistent with company strategy, not short-term behavior.

② Cut loss assessment

Star as a special commodity, as the entertainment company's core competitiveness, the value creation process is to follow the market development, introduction, growth, maturity, decline of the PLC (product life cycle) process. Raise the level of socio-economic development and the concept of consumer spending, changes in consumer preferences and market competition factors, making stars increasingly shorter product life cycles.

Currently, lighting in the endorsement business object often selected on the boss Ganjue or Xiaozurenzhi Wei Jizhun no canonical star PLC management awareness, a Lian Ji Ben planning, assessment, prediction Du not the 决策, how to ensure Ming Xing Hou remain competitive endorsements , invincible in the market competition, and allow users to experience the added value of products, brands continue to break through?

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