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LED series product profitability analysis

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LED series product profitability analysis

Once upon a time, the New York Times Square, Tokyo's Ginza district, Central, Hong Kong bright, bright LED display ads blatantly "teaser" with the past, pedestrians, brings endless reverie.

Soon, this advertising model has been copied to China.

Gold hit the national project, "LED electronic display," eye-catching bright, businessmen make money, "LED electronic display," the majestic atmosphere, win business unit of interest, "LED electronic display," elegant and luxurious, so that thousands of families to send money.

90 display the 20th century a new type of flat panel display appears, because of its high brightness, picture clarity, color, it stood out in the public areas of multimedia display, therefore a huge market space.


Looking to the future profits of an alternative LED products is the trend of energy-efficient lighting

Technically, LED display development to keep up with world-class quality and features of the present high-quality domestic and foreign leading products LED displays in image processing technology, front-end video processing technology, and not very different.

Displayed in the socio-economic widely used in many fields, whether indoor or outdoor, LED display to absolute advantage to become mainstream.

The use of specific features on the following features: high brightness and reasonable; display color to red, green, yellow-based; display brightness automatically adjustable; work around the clock and complex surroundings; remote control, intelligent detection; security, real-time , accuracy, reliability high.

With the LED display market continues to expand, currently the full-color market has been divided into three classes: a file is a famous high-end enterprise products; second gear for the high quality LED products; third gear is the use of domestic LED production display.

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