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China lighting industry brand dilemma

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China's lighting industry brand dilemma

The collapse of the industry brand confusion:

Industry brand is known in the industry and recognized brands, and while the public is the public aware of the brand and brand recognition. With the Volkswagen brand's point of view to measure it, China's home appliances, IT, fast moving consumer goods, automotive and other industries, due to the development of early competition fully, has set a number of well-known, widely trusted and popular brands, such as computers, Lenovo, household appliances Haier , air conditioning with Gree, IT communication with Huawei.

Low social concern in China lighting industry, product homogeneity serious, there is a huge industry has long been the brand awareness, brand-free, non-brand enterprises, trade brand competition is extensive, homogeneous, low efficiency stage, lighting, brand establishment is not up, can not form a brand, can not enjoy the brand premium, only the collective into a price war cycle, the industry is clearly aware of the brand needed the industry from the industry average consumer brands to the general public recognized the brand transition, which is a common problem facing the lighting industry .

At present, the brand is in the lighting industry by industry brand switching brand to the public stage. With the continuous development of the lighting industry, lighting the importance of corporate brand has been a consensus in the industry, lighting company also realized that competition in the lighting industry, from product competition, price competition to brand competition in the development. But how the industry evolved brand brand to the public, the industry is very much of the confusion, many enterprises think that celebrity endorsements, CCTV advertising, into CIS, is to do what brand of breaking up the VW brand lighting industry is still confused.

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