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Green industries are energy-efficient lighting

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Green industries are energy-efficient lighting

Another "green energy-saving lighting industry are" about to settle down in the Dongying

   August 30, Dongying, Shandong Top Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd Tektronix GE Lighting Company and the United States signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Dongying, start green, energy-efficient lighting and technical cooperation, mark to create the green lighting industry of Dongying City, the development strategy of entering a new phase.

    High and one vice mayor of Dongying City, at the signing ceremony, said, GE Lighting and Tektronix Top of strategic cooperation will be Yellow River Delta Economic Zone and efficient development of an unparalleled drive to play, demonstration, and radiation effects, will help Dongying is committed to environmental protection strategy to achieve energy-efficient lighting. He said, Dongying Municipal Government will fully support their strategic cooperation, and will provide quality services.

    LED lighting is the "Eleventh Five-Year", one of ten key energy conservation projects key technology of the green lighting project. It breaks through the energy-saving lamps and incandescent tungsten light emitting principle of the three basic dye using electric light, and to light small size, light weight, directional well and can withstand the harsh conditions in power, life and environmental protection respect the characteristics and advantages are incomparable high-tech fields to become the focus of competition. LED lighting technology and product applications is the beginning of a new lighting revolution, it is to replace traditional lighting products, energy conservation and environmental protection play an important role. Top Tektronix chairman, said Chou Zhiyong with GE Lighting in environmental lighting techniques and channels, market, capital and other aspects of cooperation.

    GE Lighting President and CEO Asia Pacific, said Gauss, the strategic cooperation agreement for the two sides, "the first milestone." General will, as always, committed to environmental protection energy-saving technology in lighting applications.

    Top Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Dongying Tektronix investment 80 million yuan, is a power of private capital and foreign technology combines high-tech companies. And GE Lighting became a strategic partner, Dongying Tektronix Top Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. to build the country and the world's largest LED lighting industry, the goal of leading enterprises will play a positive role in promoting.

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