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Intelligent lighting systems

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Intelligent lighting systems come to the fore in the trend of energy saving

 With economic development and the advancement of technology, and energy saving trend hit, intelligent lighting is becoming increasingly important. It is understood that the world in terms of building energy consumption accounts for a sizeable proportion of all commercial buildings in the proportion of high-power less power and cooling equipment, lighting is relatively more weight, so lighting energy consumption on top. In this, major companies and their builders are aware of the importance of intelligent lighting. Use lighting control system, better reflect its energy saving and management advantages and improve the scientific management school.

    Energy-saving lighting control system is the biggest advantage. The traditional mode of building lighting in public areas only during the day and turn off the lights, turn on the lights at night. The use of intelligent lighting control system, we can according to different occasions and different people flow, to time, the mode of subdivision, to turn off unnecessary lighting when needed automatically. At the same time, the system can make full use of natural light, automatic adjustment of indoor illumination. Control system to achieve a variety of different workplace illumination mode, while guaranteeing the necessary lighting, reduce the lighting of the working time, save unnecessary energy costs, also extends the lamp Shouming.


Intelligent lighting systems come to the fore in the trend of energy saving

    Good working environment is to improve the efficiency of a necessary condition. Reasonable to use light sources, lamps and lighting control system for superior performance, can improve lighting quality. Intelligent lighting control system has two kinds of switching and dimming control method can effectively control various lighting venues of the average illumination value, to improve illumination uniformity. At the same time, the system according to different time periods, people's different needs, automatically adjusts illumination.

    Intelligent lighting control system is based on control-based, supplemented by manual control system. In normal circumstances, does not require the participation of people, lighting systems automatically switch and dimming functions. Not only greatly reduce the number of managers, but also ruled out due to human factors arise from time to time switch, affecting the normal school teaching, life and order situation.

    Intelligent lighting control systems and energy saving lamps in use, while saving electricity and effective management of expenses. The office operates under the general experience, energy saving can reach 40%, general stores, hotels and subway stations are also able to achieve energy savings of 25% to 30%; schools in this area has not been specific statistics However, according to analysis, the effect is satisfactory

    Therefore, the level of intelligence in terms of building energy, smart lighting system in China there is a great value-added space, but also for China's energy efficiency will contribute their efforts to emission reduction policy.

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