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Chinese motorcycle champion for more information on brands
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Chinese motorcycle champion for more information on brands

New Delhi, journalist Liu Meijun report "Motorcycle Association should give full play to the role of a bridge between government and enterprises, both to serve the overall national situation, but also to serve member companies and strengthen the industry self-regulation to promote sound and rapid development of the entire motorcycle industry . "recently held in Beijing, China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce Conference and second terms of the second members of a Board of Governors, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping the case of stress.

Chiang-ping, China's motorcycle exports Wenju first in the world for many years, Chinese motorcycle champion for more information on brands-motorcycle turn light, but from a big trading nation to power across the needs of each enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept to think about the whole development of the industry and innovative development ideas. Motorcycle Industry Export is the first, the Chinese motorcycle Chamber of Commerce should also be developed into the world's largest motorcycle trade organizations. China's motorcycle industry not only export volume to first, brand volume to bring it first.

At present, Africa's largest export market, sales of motorcycles in China land, but because of quality problems to tie him down its development prospects are not optimistic. Although many products are the Chinese motorcycle industry, the industry referred to as "fake", but the above are marked with "MadeinChina". In this regard, Chiang Ping request

Chamber of Commerce "fake" the source of production so conscious, in-depth investigation to identify the source. If the source in the country, then the Chinese Government will give its crack down on. If the source in foreign countries, the government will prosecute the application of international laws and regulations to safeguard Chinese brands in the international market order. He stressed that the African people are our brothers, we can not give brothers and poor quality products.

Chiang-ping said that in the future for a long period of time, encountered more and more trade friction, trade barriers will be more and more the difficulties faced by the entire motorcycle industry will be growing. Therefore, optimizing the industrial structure, improve the competitiveness of products in order to quality, the enterprise, for the whole development of the industry are essential.

Founded in November 2006, China Chamber of Commerce is the Ministry of Commerce Chamber of Commerce, motorcycle reform unit, is China's first commercial area initiated by enterprises, democratically elected national chambers of commerce. At the Congress, the China Ordnance Equipment Group Motorcycle Division General Manager Chen Yongqiang was elected the second president of China Chamber of Commerce, motorcycles, Chen Bingnan re-elected Secretary-General, former president of the Yin Mingshan appointed honorary president of China Chamber of Commerce motorcycle.

Chinese motorcycle champion for more information on brands

Chinese motorcycle champion for more information on brands
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