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electric motorcycle related issues-motorcycle rear light
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electric motorcycle related issues-motorcycle rear light

Up to now, only 380 country, three type of product into the market can achieve mass production, the output of third motorcycle product can only achieve a maximum yield of 1 / 3 of the enterprise existing capacity can not be released, the whole industry will be faced with the loss of workers face being laid off. According to Li Bin introduction, electric motorcycle related issues-motorcycle rear light, a recent branch of the industry to do a survey of corporate stocks, industries and enterprises normality stock (factory stock, transport links, agents, retailers, inventory and store the first prototype vehicle, etc.) 4 ~ 4 and a half months of production, so there is a digestion country two standard motorcycle inventory problem. Li Bin stressed that this issue is very important.
In order to safeguard the industry sustainable and healthy development branch will actively consult with the Ministry of Environmental Protection to apply for extension of the country two standard motorcycle sales time to digest the country two standard motorcycle inventory. I hope the Government can sell the product in second period was extended to December 31 this year, giving enterprises more time to digest the country two stocks to better meet the State 2 to State 3 transition.
Shier Wu planning objectives aimed at 40 million
Li Bin told reporters motorcycle branch in 2009, also organized relevant experts to prepare the motorcycle industry, "Shier Wu," development planning. Planning main contents include:
One, step up to the motorcycle emission control technology research and development, improve the enterprises in the emissions control technology, independent R & D and innovation capabilities; planning "Shier Wu," the end of 100 kilometers in 2008 compared with fuel consumption down 15% to 20%;
Second, emphasis on the development of new energy electric motorcycle, seize the historic opportunity to develop as the electric motorcycle industry, an important work, "Shier Wu," the end, the electric motorcycle production will account for 20% of the total output.
The third is to continue to promote the problems of urban cut-off limit of Morocco, and make efforts to address the constraints that the healthy development of China's biggest challenges motorcycle.
Fourth, we must vigorously promote the motorcycle safe driving education to carry out public welfare motorcycle driving safety training activities, establish a good social image of the industry.
5 is to promote the implementation of the third year of emissions regulations, and actively promote industry self-regulation, we must implement the third year the overall level of emissions as to enhance the industry, upgrading its industries is an important task.
6 is "Shier Wu" period, we should vigorously promote trade and product structure adjustment. Improving export motorcycle and brand value, value-added products, from low-cost Chinese motorcycles low levels of image and increase the international competitiveness of China's motorcycle.
7 is "Shier Wu," the end of the planning output 38 million ~ 40 million.
In addition, Li Bin, the work of the branch in 2010 were introduced to reporters: first, continue to promote the abolition of excise duty motorcycle work; secondly, to promote his second car after July 1 market for half a year to digest inventory policies to achieve the industry to the State 2 State Third, a smooth transition; once again to promote the country three products corresponding to work with the government departments supervise and inspect the country, three products; governing the industry are also organizational unit (20), the signing of "environmental self-regulation of the Convention," encouraging industry self-regulation, preparation, " White Paper on China's motorcycle industry ", and the organization" Ninth International Motorcycle Exhibition. "
Industry hot issues
On the current hot issues of concern to the industry, and was inviting to reporters about his views. He believes that since cities Restriction of Moldova, motorcycle consumer's major markets in rural areas. At present, Chinese cities Jin Mo phenomenon continues to restrict development and progress of China's greatest obstacle to motorcycle and seriously affect China's motorcycle industry structure adjustment, settlement Jin Mo remains a priority.
Introduced for the 2009 National Motorcycle countryside policy, he that, while more than 9200 cars last year's motorcycle to participate in countryside activities, the National Motorcycle subsidies to 4.16 million, the cumulative amount of 2.4 billion, but the motorcycle itself is due to face the rural market, subsidies received is complicated, and motorcycles on the market driving the countryside with little success.
Finally, electric motorcycle related issues, Li Bin said, we have recently held a motorcycle in Hainan branch office will be chairman of the meeting is to discuss the theme of the development direction of the green two motorcycles. The meeting clearly made electric motorcycle will be the direction for the development of China's motorcycle industry, but also address the urban motorcycle industry Restriction of motorized opportunities. Currently, electric motorcycles are in exploration and development stage. Our goal is to 80 kilometers per hour, endurance mileage of 100 km or more, costs 1 million or less

electric motorcycle related issues-motorcycle rear light

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electric motorcycle related issues-motorcycle rear light
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